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Welcome to Shalva Challenges

Shalva invites YOU to our extreme challenge fundraisers.
You conquer the world's mightiest adventures and rally the resources that transform the lives of hundreds of children with disabilities and their families.

Transform a child. Inspire a family. Discover yourself.

Cycle Machu Picchu

Join Team Shalva as we cycle through the Amazon, where nature and history breed magic. After braving the sheerest drops and roughing the world's biodiversity boot-camp, you're rewarded with the view of a lifetime. Welcome to Peru.




Join Team Shalva as we scale Kilimanjaro, the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. If only this adventure could last forever. You're conquering Kilimanjaro and you know you've been changed.

Avenue of Volcanoes

Join Team Shalva as we conquer the Avenue of Volcanoes, one of Ecuador's most recommended trails. You'll trek to Cayambe - the tallest volcano in the hemisphere. You'll set fresh footprints in this kingdom of snow and be changed. Forever.



Everest Base Camp

Join the highest echelon of Shalva's inner circle as we face Everest, the most majestic journey man has ever known. Each new rung of the climb reminds you, "Everest is the greatest decision of my life." And as you pierce the clouds and tread your boots on Everest Base Camp you'll breathe in the icy air of greatness.